The Dissent Of Man

By JF Derry

Exploring the influence of Darwin on everyone: atheists, Christians, biologists and entrepreneurs

Saturday, 20 April 2019

Pay charity to be in DISSENT OF MAN

Helloooo eneryone, it's going really well. Some great interviews just arrived (I'll save the juicy surprises), and the words are flowing fast. Every day, in every way, getting closer to publication. Meanwhile, a slight detour with this, please,...

  1. My nephew Ben (pictured), is cycling to Athens for charity - see here
  2. I love him dearly and I'm imensely proud of his efforts (and very concerned for his wellbeing and safety)
  3. The pledge level to be interviewed for DISSENT OF MAN is £250. 
  4. With apologies to others who have paid more, but I hope they will concede the following for charity - and I will be in touch very soon to carry out interviews. 
  5. Ben needs just £177 to reach his target of £1,000
  6. Get him to that target, and I will personally interview you (telephone or email) to include your ideas in the DISSENT OF MAN. I will sign your copies of the DISSENT OF MAN (you will need to have already pledged  at a lower level that includes a physical copy of the book), and personally buy you an awesome jesmonite bust of Darwin, and I will personally buy you the, IMHO, stunning Huxley-Wilberforce artwork, and hugely loveable Darwin sketch by renowned, Bristol-based, cultural cornerstone, and 2000AD Judge Dread artist Simon Gurr.
  7. Make your donation via that link ot Ben's page, above, and then let me know you have done so.
  8. Do this, help make Ben's huge effort worthwhile, and be showered by my flood of gratitude. 
  9. If more than one person donates towards Ben's total, £177 or more, then I will extend the exact same offer to each.
  10. Part of the higher pledge level deals include invites to launch lunch and launch party. I would be speaking out of turn to make that part of this one-off offer upfront, and Unbound will know more of that potential than me, but AFAIC, it's cool.

Thank you for helping Ben towards helping others. He's brave beyond words. That we should all be so magnanimous in the face of personal threat to our own health.

Thank you.

Julian, Edinburgh 2019


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JF Derry
 JF Derry says:

Update 25-Apr. Ben is in Belgium on the N981 nr Beauraing,+Belgium/@50.3058094,3.4217286,7.38z/

He's going at some amazing pace to have got so far already.

posted 25th April 2019

JF Derry
 JF Derry says:

I see the JustGiving figure has jumped to £1500. Excellent, same offer applies. Multiples of £177 (as that was initially set), and you get the goodies detailed above. Let me know when you have made your donation. Meanwhile, I'm going all out on my final 1st Draft. We're getting there (Athens, and the DISSENT OF MAN).

posted 25th April 2019

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