The Dissent Of Man

By JF Derry

Exploring the influence of Darwin on everyone: atheists, Christians, biologists and entrepreneurs

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Ken Ham Clip 1


Ken Ham toured Scotland in 2007, as part of which he delivered a sermon on Young Earth Creationism and the literal interpretation of the Book of Genesis in Edinburgh, as the President of Answers in Genesis-U.S. and Joint CEO of Answers in Genesis International, and has been instrumental in setting up the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky. He frequently appears in the media and presents the daily radio and internet programme Answers … with Ken Ham. His books include Refuting Evolution (1999, with Jonathan Sarfati), The New Answers Book (2006) and the recent Dinosaurs for Kids (2009).

Here Ken Ham makes a surprising admission of accord with Richard Dawkins.

Clip here:

Ken Ham Clip 1

Transcript here:

…what we’re saying as an organization, we’re pre-supposition-alists and we’re saying we start with the Bible. We understand our starting point and we try to educate people to understand that. For instance someone like Richard Dawkins, he has a starting point too, his starting point is that there’s no God, and the Bible is not relevant. And those who don’t start with the Bible have a starting point in autonomous human reason. And so we try to distinguish very much between the difference between 'Origin Science', what we call 'Origin Science' or historical science, and operational science because I think that’s a big problem. I think it’s a problem in Christian circles as well as non-Christian, because there are Christians out there who say, “we believe the Bible, we don’t believe in science.” And we say you can’t say that, that’s wrong! There are others in the non-Christian world, the Evolutionists, who will say, “well science has proven that you can't trust the bible’, you know the whole lateral science versus the Bible. And you know, we tell them, “Hey, we have the same science as you when it comes to operational science”. 


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