The Dissent Of Man

By JF Derry

Exploring the influence of Darwin on everyone: atheists, Christians, biologists and entrepreneurs

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Is Statue Mr Darwin?

News about the Darwin busts

I'm always very pleased to receive any of your questions regarding progress and arrangements. I fully appreciate that this book is so much longer in the waiting than probably every other publication working it's way into the light of day thanks to you, the people who ultimately make it possible, and Unbound, who put everything into place to allow it to happen. Suffice to say, I am humbled and enormously grateful to this extended team, for the opportunity to bring to you what I think is proving to be a fascinating book, and so much better for a substantial rewrite.

One of your number very kindly gave me a nudge the other day regarding the extras included on the lhigher pledging levels, "was wondering about any news about the Darwin busts that were a "benefit" for those who made a contribution at a certain level?"

I will need to confirm this with Unbound, but my expectation is that it is still intended that versions of the book and extras will all be sent out at about the same time, so that those extra benefits will really feel part of the bigger package. For this, as we work through the editing and preparatory phrases moving towards printing and binding, the wondrous foundary in Edinburgh primed to produce the Darwin busts can get the go ahead a couple of months in advance. Similarly, brilliant artist Simon Gurr can also set about producing the copies of his lovely artwork. 

The launch lunch is bound to be great fun. It will feel like the culmination of such a journey, and I'm sure there's going to be some deep, entertaining and humorous chat, flying around between mouthfulls and gulps of deliciousness.

Before then, and not too far in the future from now will be the time to contact the pledgers who want to have their own say in the book, and I'm very excited to eventually hear what that is going to be - I'm aiming to make those calls in the early new year, and we can discuss what format suits each of you interviewees best; we have quite a range of options, from email, and telephone, to video call, etc. I thought it would be particularly pertinent to hold an interview by carrier pigeon, but I think I'd be too heavy.

It would have been nice to hold an interview in the NHM in front of the Darwin statue, but as yet, there hasn't been a pledge at that top level, "VIP be in the book". There's still time if anyone would like to make that happen. A pretty amazing place to record your thoughts for posterity.


More updates as and when possible,




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