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By JF Derry

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Sunday, 18 December 2016

Darwin: A Graphic Biography

This is a lovely review of Simon and Eugene's beautiful Darwin graphic novel. I like this paragraph in particular, noticing that most of the frames are chocker with information, but here he is in the forest for the first time, and speechless. Brilliant!

"There is something geeky, too, about Byrne’s dense blocks of text, appearing in practically every panel; it is rare for a page to have as little text as page 35 (Figure 1), where Darwin’s rapture at his first encounter with a tropical rain forest is aptly presented wordlessly. And the forbidding appearance of these blocks of text is perhaps likely to deter some in the target audience (ages 10 through 15 years). But those who are not deterred will be amply rewarded: the writing is clear, concise, and uncomplicated, certainly accessible to the intended reader. It is, moreover, well-paced, well-organized, and - with a few exceptions - well-researched. A reasonable amount of relevant historical, religious, and scientific background is presented along the way, and there is a healthy balance between Darwin’s life and Darwin’s work, with the discussion alternating between the two just enough to avoid tedium."

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I've given so many of these away that I don't think I have any left save my own battered copy. But I do recommend it highly. You can get your copy from the usual places.


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