The Dissent Of Man

By JF Derry

Exploring the influence of Darwin on everyone: atheists, Christians, biologists and entrepreneurs

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Charles Darwin Bust


It's almost impossible to find a decent statue of Charles Darwin available for sale. I know, I've spent a long time looking. The only ones I did find looked more like Socrates or Captain Birdseye. I wanted an instantly recognisable piece that got me thinking about Darwin and his works as soon as my eye fell upon it. I din't want to have to work to recognise him. I shared my frustrations with friends in Edinburgh who run a bronze-works Powderhall Bronze ( Much sought after, their foundry produces public and private works of art for clients worldwide. As well as being brilliantly skilled technicians, they are also very gifted artists in their own right, and lovely people. So, when Brian offered to attempt his own modelling of Darwin as a bust, I was overjoyed and confident that he would produce a quality piece. But, I was totally unprepared for how exquisite and accurate he has captured Darwin's likeness: the noble brow and deep-set eyes. There really is no other piece that matches this handsome statuette. Cast in Jesmonite, it stands 17 cm high and weighs in at just over 1 kg. Therefore, it is with very great pride that we are able to offer it exclusively to you when you pledge for The Dissent of Man at the DARWIN STATUE level and above. Even if you have pledged at a lower level, you can always upgrade your pledge to the higher levels at any time, but don't leave it too long before you do and avoid disappointment.

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