The Dissent Of Man

By JF Derry

Exploring the influence of Darwin on everyone: atheists, Christians, biologists and entrepreneurs

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Back to School


it's that tough time when the children have to haul themselves out of bed this side of lunchtime and drag themselves to skewl. I was dreading it, but I have to admit that my two daughters managed the whole ordeal quite magnificently this morning. I suspect that despite the late nights, the spring in their steps and their parents’ too, has something to do with the fortnight we’ve just returned from, circumnavigating Cornwall, then holing up in a house-swap in Dorset. The weather was mostly scorchio, the food and drink great, and a variety of friends and relatives met anew, and vitally, I think, although we are good together, everyone also had time alone or in friendship pairs. It’s important to dilute the inevitable tensions that build up in families. My escape was a half-day heading an hour south from our bolthole to visit 2 graves, an effigy and a retirement cottage.

This, *ahem* "interesting" looking gravestone is actually a fossilised tree, placed to establish a more fitting marker of Alfred Russel Wallace and his wife Anne's final resting place, in Broadstone, Poole. As you will know from my other posts in our Shed, Wallace plays a vital, and different, rôle to that of Darwin in the history of evolution, and no doubt our paths will meet yet again. Meanwhile, I'd best get back to the classroom before teacher notices I'm AWOL. 

All the other sites I visited that sunny day were relating to T.E. Lawrence. I was gobsmacked when I told my 20- and 18-year old, very well educated, engaged and interested in life, nephews where I had been, and they hadn't ever heard of Lawrence of Arabia! 

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Thanks and best wishes,

(back in) Edinburgh

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