60% Prize Draw Book Giveaway Winner

Tuesday, 30 June 2015


Thank you everyone for getting us to 60%. I'm very happy to give what I can in return in thanks. I have some relevant books that I realised were duplicates, so I'll be giving them away too, as soon as I can arrange it. Meanwhile, let's do the prize draw for a copy of Darwin in Scotland. Drum roll please…

Going to https://www.random.org, I enter the number of supporters for Dissent of Man, which is 279. Press the button and the random number generator gives me, 198

Going to the corresponding supporter page, which is page 4

Now counting down the first column, I arrive at the name

Stefanie Kruszyk

Yay for Stefanie! I'll make contact and get the book sent off. Keep pledging and getting others to pledge too, please. Let's do this again very soon, when we get to 70%.





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