The Disappeared

By Amy Lord

A story about a family torn apart by obsession and the need to rebel against a violent regime, set in a broken, dystopian Britain

Fiction | Sci-fi & Fantasy
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Publication date: May 2019

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What would you do if reading the wrong book could get you arrested?

­­­­­­­In a decaying city controlled by the First General and his army, expressing the wrong opinion can have terrible consequences.


Clara is haunted by the disappearance of her father when she was 11-years-old.

Except he didn’t disappear: he was taken by the Authorisation Bureau for the crime of teaching banned books to his students. Soldiers came to the family home in the middle of the night and dragged him away. Clara never saw him again.

But she never forgot his passion for books, for the truth. She grew up to teach at the same university, determined to rebel against the regime that cost her family so much.

The only weapons she has are the banned books her father left behind, so she decides to share them with her students. Despite his reluctance, she persuades her boyfriend, Simon, to help. But when one of their students disappears, they are drawn into a nightmarish investigation that leads to Lumière, a rebel group with plans to fight back against the government.


Major Jackson is obsessed with the wife of his latest detainee. He’ll do anything to possess her, even if that means destroying her husband and daughter completely.

But as their relationship deepens, their lives become entwined in a toxic combination of love, fear and regret that threatens to ruin them both.


Told from the perspective of two characters on opposing sides of the regime, this is a story about what happens when our rights are stripped away, when we don’t have freedom to speak or to follow our dreams. When democracy is replaced with something more sinister and society begins to forget what came before.

It could never happen to us.

But…what if it did?


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  • Amy Lord avatar

    Amy Lord

    Amy Lord is a writer, blogger and digital marketer from North East England. She has worked for a number of arts and cultural organisations, as well as spending time in the corporate world.

    She won a Northern Writers’ Award in 2015 for The Disappeared and was also longlisted in the inaugural Bath Novel Award. An earlier manuscript saw her shortlisted for Route Publishing’s Young Yorkshire Author Award.

    Amy is currently participating in a mentoring programme run by Writers’ Block NE, where she is working on a new novel.

    She blogs about books, writing, travel and life in the North East at Ten Penny Dreams, which recently won Best Arts and Culture Blog in the Northern Blog Awards. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @tenpennydreams.

  • I was eleven when my father disappeared. It’s almost twenty years since the night I last saw him. I still remember that knock at the door; it echoes down through the years, as it echoed that night through the walls of our home.

    I use the word ‘disappeared’, but it always feels like a lie. My father didn’t vanish. He didn’t walk to the shops for a packet of cigarettes and fail to come back. He didn’t run away to start another life somewhere, another family. He didn’t even leave behind a body, washed up on some riverbank, or slowly spinning from a straining tree branch.

    That last night with my father was like every other. He returned late from his job at the university, where he lectured in English Literature. Public transport was unreliable in those days, when the regime was still taking hold. He would walk the five miles home each day, carrying his bag, heavy with papers. I would watch from our sixth floor window as he made his way across the car park, past the burned out shells of old hatchbacks, where the braver children would sometimes play army, machine gunning each other with sticks or old bits of piping. His ragged hair would take on a life of its own in the breeze, his thin shoulders tensed beneath the weight of his students’ words, twitching uneasily at every fake bullet that came his way.

    By then we had been moved into the flat. Shared accommodation, they called it. We weren’t allowed to live in our house in the suburbs anymore. My mother mourned the loss of her rose garden and the expensive paper that lined our living room walls, its delicate floral pattern climbing from oak floor to corniced ceiling. She wept about the silverware she was forced to leave behind, a wedding gift from the grandmother who passed away weeks after her marriage.

    Our new home became a one bedroom flat, former housing association detritus that stank of cat piss and had holes in the plaster the size of fists. I slept in the bedroom whilst my parents shared an old sofa bed in the main room, which was littered with piles of my father’s books, the vibrancy of their spines bringing life to the beige world we found ourselves adrift in. He had salvaged as much as he could but my mother wouldn’t let him risk rescuing them all. He would fret sometimes, struck by a jolt of longing for a particular book that had been abandoned.

    We hadn't long fallen asleep when the knock came. I sat up in bed, disorientated. The knock came again. My head whipped in the direction of the front door, but everything was dark. My parents whispered in the front room, my mother’s voice low and pleading.

    My father snapped, “I have to.” I listened to them half-dressing in haste. I could picture my mother smoothing her hair as he opened the door, a nervous smile on his face. I crept out from beneath the covers to peep through the slit in my bedroom door. The sudden light made my eyes water.

    They barged in without invitation: four men in Authorisation Bureau uniforms. The door was flung back hard; there was a crack as it hit the wall. My father was jostled as they marched into the living room, where there was barely enough space to stand.

    They were all much taller than he was, with broad shoulders and thick arms. They were young too. I didn’t realise how young until years later, looking back.

    There was another man with them. They saluted him stiffly. “Major.” 

    He barely acknowledged them. “Please, excuse the interruption. I’m sorry we had to call so late, but we need to ask your husband some questions.”

    He addressed my mother, who hung back, clutching her thin dressing gown closed over her nightdress. The width of the sofa bed was between them, yet she took a step back as his eyes raked over her.

    My father moved forward, his body shielding her from the major’s gaze. “What’s all this about?”

  • Amy Lord has written 2 private updates. You can pledge to get access to them all.

    28th September 2018 It's happening!

    Hopefully you had an email earlier this week from Unbound, telling you the good news - The Disappeared is now 100% funded!

    I've already shared some rambling thank you posts on social media, but for those backers don't have to put up with me in real life, I wanted to write something here too.

    It's taken almost 11 months of crowdfunding to get here, which should feel like a long time, but…

    5th August 2018 Four Dystopian Novels to Read This Summer

    Fiction has always been full of dark stories that twist the world we live in and imagine it changed for the worse, whether through natural disaster, political influence or war.

    My novel is part of this genre of dystopian tales, set in an alternative version of the UK run by a military dictatorship, where the Authorisation Bureau can make someone disappear for the most menial of ‘crimes’, even…

    11th June 2018 Hello BBC Newcastle!

    Just a quick update to let you know that I recently recorded a radio interview with Lisa Shaw from BBC Newcastle, which is due to air this Friday 15 June at around 10.15am.

    If you're in the area, do listen in!

    I chatted to Lisa about my book and crowdfunding, plus we were joined by Unbound's Editor-at-Large, Rachel Kerr, who talked about how Unbound came to be, along with a few of their success…

    25th March 2018 50% Funded!

    Whoa, we’re halfway there…

    Cheesy references aside, I wanted to post a quick note to let you know that The Disappeared is now over halfway to its funding target and I would never have made it this far without your support.

    So thank you to everyone who has pledged over the last few weeks, especially the lovely Angela Thomas for taking the campaign over the 50% mark.

    And if you have a spare…

    26th January 2018 The Benefits of Supporting a Crowdfunding Campaign

    It’s the wrong end of January to wish you a Happy New Year, but I hope that 2018 is treating you well so far.

    My crowdfunding campaign for The Disappeared is now 40% funded so the target is getting ever closer.

    I wrote something on my own blog recently about why readers should consider supporting an author’s crowdfunding campaign and I wanted to share a condensed version of that with you.

    5th December 2017 A Little Christmas Thank You

    It’s been just over a month since I began my crowdfunding journey and so far it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster.

    It’s definitely been hard work and I don’t think I’ve ever talked so much about myself or my work. As a classic introvert, that’s taken me way out of my comfort zone, but it’s been fun too. The biggest challenge was making a video of me chatting about the novel and then plucking up the…

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  • Christopher D. McDonald
    Christopher D. McDonald asked:

    G'day Amy. Have you ever read Watch Over Me by Claire Corbett? It's a romance set in a military occupation dystopia that reminds me a lot of Major Jackson's interests and your setting. I'm a writer and sometimes I just find it useful to look at similar work. P.S. I think its great that Clara is a teacher fighting a revolution through books!

    Amy Lord
    Amy Lord replied:

    Hi Christopher, I haven't come across that book before but it sounds interesting. Thanks for the recommendation!