The Diabolical Club

By Stevyn Colgan

Thursday, 6 December 2018

Teaser Trailer

I made another video while dog walking this week in the hope that I may entice a few more last minute pledges for The Diabolical Club. I've stressed the fact that, although the pledge levels are more expensive than the book will be in the shops (and discounted online), there are advantages to pledging.

Firstly there's your name printed in the book, forever immortalised as a patron (just think, there will be a copy in the British Library FOREVER. Or until the zombie/nuclear/environmental/alien invasion apocalypse anyway). 

But secondly there's the fact that you'll get two books for the price of one. Yes indeedy, an e-book of short stories and articles tentatively titled The Nearly Invisible Man and Other Stories will wing its way to all pledgers at every level.

There will be some DCI Quisty whodunnits, an Agnes Crabbe short story featuring Millicent 'Milly' Cutter, and other tales involving characters from the novels. AND there will be TWO WHOLE CHAPTERS from the third book in the trilogy which I hope to crowdfund next year - it's a kind of teaser trailer. In total it amounts to around 50,000 words which is nearly 2/3rds the size of one of my novels.   

That's not a bad deal is it? And pledgers will get their books before the shops too - it's slated for a July publication but the process is aready underway.

Anyhow, there will be one more update before Christmas and then I'll leave you alone to enjoy the festivities. 

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