The Diabolical Club

By Stevyn Colgan

Friday, 7 September 2018

Season of change

Hello splendid supporters

August zoomed by didn't it? Heatwaves and holidays. I spent some of it in the Outer Hebrides, which was nice as it was cooler than down South while still sunny and warm. You can see some photos from the trip on my blog here,  And it was fantastic to see A Murder To Die For nominated for two awards.

But now it's September, the kids are back at school, the tan is fading and real life has crashed through the wall and into my living room. Sadly, I'm having to face the reality that The Diabolical Club is going nowhere fast. Or, rather, ponderously slowly.

Perhaps I was lulled into a false sense of security by how well the first book was recieved? Perhaps I'm just naive. I thought that TDC would fund fairly quickly. The reviews for AMTDF have been very complimentary and, on Amazon and Goodreads, 99% of them are five star. People regularly post on social media how much they've enjoyed it and, as I said, it's been shortlisted for two awards. And yet, half the number of people who subscribed to AMTDF have plumped for the sequel. TDC hit 50% back in May and has since crawled just 6% towards its total. 

I am therefore forced to look at alternative options to get the book to you. One of these may be to substantially reduce production costs. That may mean a change of cover artist and a less designed final product. It will certainly mean a drastic cut in promotional budgets, print runs and less availability in shops. But I am determined that you lovely subscribers will still get something over and above what the retail punters will get. How I do that is yet to be decided. But you deserve something extra for believing in me and the book.

So, discussions are afoot. Hopefully we'll find some way to make the book happen. And sooner rather than later; you've already waited nine months. I'm determined not to pull it from the Unbound list. It's a good book; personally, I think it's funnier than AMTDF and there are some great new characters to introduce you to.

Watch this space.


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Cara Usher
 Cara Usher says:

maybe if you were to do a "support 'the diabolical club' and get a reduced price copy of 'a murder to die for' twin pack" people would increase their pledge amount and we'd see the sequel sooner?? apologies if it's a bit of a pathetic idea, but we've got to do something to get "the diabolical club" over the line!!

posted 7th September 2018

Stevyn Colgan
 Stevyn Colgan says:

Love the idea Cara! I don't know if it's do-able but I'll certainly mention it when I speak to Unbound next. x

posted 10th September 2018

Cara Usher
 Cara Usher says:

yay :) i'd definitely up my pledge amount for a colgan twin-pack stevyn!!

posted 10th September 2018

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