The Decade in Tory

By Russell Jones

A hilarious, furious & absolutely true comedy about the most hapless government since the last one

Monday, 16 May 2022

Progress report

Hi everybody,

It’s been a while since my last update. I hope everyone is still doing OK, and that at least some of you have figured out how to cook your daily helping of scavenged roadkill using the heat generated by your raw fury at the News at Ten.

The Decade in Tory has been my first foray into publishing, and because of my chronic inexperience I underestimated the time required to get from a manuscript to a physical book arriving in your hands. For some reason I assumed a publisher hitting the Print button would take less time than writing a 450-page exposé of hundreds of government scandals; but seemingly I was wrong.

To be fair, there has been a lot to do. I finished the final draft some time ago, but since then it's been through multiple rounds of detailed editing, spell-checking, and legal approval (which essentially came down to me writing "allegedly" about 300 times, and having to cut a legally dubious claim that Iain Duncan Smith is literally an egg sharted out by Beelzebub). 

It’s been a long process, and I want to thank you for your patience. The book is on its way – no, really, it is – and within a couple of weeks the final round of edits and lawyers being grumpy about jokes will be done, and I’ll have one more attempt at getting the typos down to single figures before it goes off to print.

Desigbers (sic) will then finalise the jacket, typesetters will try to make it all legible. And then it’s printed, signed, shoved in a box, and posted out to you; just in time for you to burn it to keep warm when the weather turns.

I’ve been stunned at the levels of support for this project, and with everybody’s enthusiasm for the book. Once again, my genuine, heartfelt and sincere thanks to all of you.




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Ste Greenall
 Ste Greenall says:

Russ, I think the wait will be worth the while. Can't wait . Ste

posted 16th May 2022

Stuart Hemming
 Stuart Hemming says:

My breath has never been so baity.

posted 16th May 2022

Caroline Murray
 Caroline Murray says:

I worked in publishing for 37 years: we used to allow an average 12 months from typescript delivery to publication (except of course for seriously time-sensitive works). Computers were alleged to speed up the process and we started working to a 6-7 month model. Only discernible differences were worse standards at every level, from copy-editing to typesetting to proofreading to print quality, and at least one medical printrun that had to be pulped because of an error in dosage which was not spotted could have killed people ...

posted 16th May 2022

Suzanne Hillman
 Suzanne Hillman says:

I’m so looking forward to reading this book, I’m sure there will be a follow up, if only for ‘the Johnson years’ if you can bear to go through all this again

posted 16th May 2022

Simon Redican
 Simon Redican says:

Have you dared to start Vol.2 yet?
"2020-2022 in Tory" will almost make the past decade look like halcyon days... almost.

posted 16th May 2022

Kieron Barton
 Kieron Barton says:

I can’t wait to read it, Russ! All the best! Kieron

posted 16th May 2022

Joyce Heard
 Joyce Heard says:

Thanks for the update - all good things are worth the wait. Best wishes, Russ.

posted 16th May 2022

Jane Schaffer
 Jane Schaffer says:

I have spent the last few weeks trying to decide where on my carefully arranged bookshelves your excellent ouevre should sit - very tempted to place it next to Alice in Wonderland and 'Bad Beast for Bad Children', but finally decided that spot did not reflect the gravitas of your work so it will be with the political books - 'Money Land' by Oliver Bullough bookshelf and 'All the Presidents Men' on the other. The delays you describe will be a welcome opportunity to keep on switching.

posted 16th May 2022

Martin Haynes
 Martin Haynes says:

As me old mother would have said…good things come to those who wait and if you don’t stop mithering, I’ll slap your legs!

Seriously, it’s been a long wait but it’s going to be worth it!

posted 16th May 2022

Pat Dawson
 Pat Dawson says:

IDS is not an actual egg shat out from the bowels of Beelzebub?
Must be either Bunter or Jacob Rees Tosspot then!?
Thanks for the update Russ…looking forward to it.

posted 16th May 2022

Pauline Gordon
 Pauline Gordon says:

Hi Russ, looking forward to reading this - hopefully before I die of poverty, cold or apoplectic rage at the shenanigans of the present government.

posted 16th May 2022

Juliet Magee
 Juliet Magee says:

Great to have an update. Thanks Russ, and I know it will be worth the wait.

posted 16th May 2022

Ian Corke
 Ian Corke says:

Thanks for the update. Appreciated. Let’s hope we can make it a best seller!

posted 16th May 2022

Tracy Kewley
 Tracy Kewley says:

That's the best update I've ever read. I can't wait for the book but I will – it'll be worth it I'm sure. Good luck!

posted 16th May 2022

Deborah Saunders
 Deborah Saunders says:

I'm going to miss the updates. Appreciate you taking the time to let us know!

posted 16th May 2022

Maggie Innes
 Maggie Innes says:

No worries Russ. Everything always takes twice as long as you estimate, if my life’s anything to go by. Judging by #TheWeekInTory this book will be well worth the wait - just in awe of your ever managing to compile it all.

posted 16th May 2022

Jackie Keith
 Jackie Keith says:

Thanks for the update, Russ - looking forward to getting my copy however long it takes!

posted 16th May 2022

Claire Gibson
 Claire Gibson says:

I’m sure it will be worth the wait!

posted 16th May 2022

Imre Darics
 Imre Darics says:

Don’t worry or rush Russ, it will still be fine for Christmas!

posted 16th May 2022

Harry Payne
 Harry Payne says:

Russ, I have waited decades for Harlan Ellison’s Last Dangerous Visions, which, now he is dead, will be coming out next year.

Every other publication is ahead of schedule irrespective. Don’t knock yourself.

posted 16th May 2022

Oliver Gray
 Oliver Gray says:

No worries Russ. It's a long process and I'm actually enjoying the wait. I'll enjoy the book all the more!

posted 16th May 2022

Tony Deighton
 Tony Deighton says:

I'm very tempted to buy a 2nd copy for my Tory MP, but I'm terrified of it being the instrument of death of a Home Office civil servant; my MP is Priti Patel and I expect she would throw the book at someone.

posted 16th May 2022

Camilla West
 Camilla West says:

The longer it takes, the more new MPs you can think of fabulous descriptions of for the sequel, so it’s win win really. Thank you for your service!

posted 16th May 2022

Jack Fletcher
 Jack Fletcher says:

"....that Iain Duncan Smith is literally an egg sharted out by Beelzebub" - hahaha, this is content worth waiting for. Keep on keeping on Russ, love your work.

posted 16th May 2022

Tracy Dunbar
 Tracy Dunbar says:

Russ don’t fret. We bought something that will be ready when it’s ready. Don’t be put off producing the sequel. We are all going to need that.

posted 16th May 2022

Dennis Drennan
 Dennis Drennan says:

Thank you v much for the nice update letter. Like others, I don't mind the wait and admire your brilliance. Also, I'm such an old softie and so unused to people signing off with 'Love...' that I'm brimming with benevolence for you as well (not being sarcastic I assure you). Love, D.

posted 16th May 2022

Kieran Hines
 Kieran Hines says:

Take all the time you need, lad. I’m looking forward to the finished book as much as the next person in this list of comments, but it’s only done when you’re happy with it. Cheers old boy, Kieran

posted 17th May 2022

Andrew O'Brien
 Andrew O'Brien says:

All good, Russ. As others have mentioned above, it will be ready when it is ready, and we know it will be worth it. Still love your posts on the chirpy platform.

posted 17th May 2022

Zarina Kapasi
 Zarina Kapasi says:

Your Twitter threads are entertaining enough to keep us going until the book arrives. It’ll totally be worth the wait I’m sure!

posted 18th May 2022

Susan McNaughton
 Susan McNaughton says:

Keep plugging away Russ - you'll get there and we'll all still be here for it! x

posted 29th May 2022

Adrian Midgley
 Adrian Midgley says:

Ship when finished.

posted 2nd June 2022

Amanda Lee
 Amanda Lee says:

Hi - just wondering if there is an update as to when this will be shipped...? The number of posts on twitter regarding the success of the book are lovely to read but also a bit frustrating because I'd like to read the book for myself.... :)

posted 4th August 2022

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