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Essential reading for anyone even vaguely interested in living in a functioning country. Possibly this should be required reading at school, definitely required reading for anyone associated with a political party in any way, shape or form. Russell Jones has taken on the daunting task of expanding his much-loved Twitter roundup #TheWeekInTory. This weighty tome is wonderfully, side-splittingly funny. The decade of Tory mismanagement and self-serving garbage is laid stark in the bright light of day. I find myself alternating between crying with laughter and despair that not only have the Tories managed to get away with this for so long, they have (apparently) stopped all pretence of trying to hide what they're doing to the country and the population. @RussInCheshire Tweeted a week or so ago that he's gathering strength to write the sequel. I don't know how he has the mental strength to plunge into the Tory swamp once more, but I'll absolutely be buying the sequel. Buy and read this book for yourself and get everyone you know to buy and read it - it may be the only way to stop a recurrence of the last decade. The fact that Russell's writing style, turn of phrase and humour are so glorious is the icing on the cake.
Publication date: October 2022
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