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An immigrant from the 1920s escapes scandal by travelling through time

Time out for the lucky and last roll for the Midas Touch. Lady Luck can retire to Florida. Silence the news. Lucky strike? Smoke a different brand. Charge grace by lightning rod. Cut out the middleman.

Do you ever get those moments when you pick up the phone to call someone and they’re on the other end? When you hum a song and it comes on the radio? When it feels like an angel is hovering right over you like a cloud? What if you could force flowers to bloom out of season? What if you could hit the mark every time? What if grace could be bought and sold?

It’s Oxford, England 2015, and the Sanderson Corporation are in charge of regulating temporal (time travelling) immigrants who have chosen to settle in the present.

Poppy Kusch, an immigrant from the 1920s escaping scandal, lives quietly as a neonatal nurse with her family, three lovers who are also time travellers.

After watching herself die childless, Poppy pays to take part in a controversial study to artificially raise her luck in order to conceive a baby. When her three lovers die as a result she must evade the Corporation as they try to stop her rewriting history to save them.

However, chronically afraid of the dark and unable to survive without someone to take care of her, Poppy’s attempts to change the past seem futile when she finds that fate isn’t so easily bought off this time. She finds strength through reliving parts of the life she once had – moments she took for granted, fights she never resolved; and just as it seems like she could really change things, she realises that she’s pregnant… but alone.

Will she finally be strong enough to face her past in order to have any hope of saving her future?

Klara Piechocki has been working as a writer and illustrator for 10 years. From gathering a large online following as a teenage author to working as a screenwriter in the US and writing a weekly column for LA Cityzine, she is now halfway through a Creative Writing MA at Oxford Brookes University. Her writing and art is preoccupied with how deliciously diverse we all are, while celebrating what makes us the same. Playful, thoughtful and sometimes dark, she shines light into murkier places with a reassuring tone. Klara identifies as both genderqueer and bisexual and is passionate about LGBT activism, especially encouraging accurate portrayals of bisexual and transgender characters in the media! Endlessly curious, Klara loves to know how things work. She loves non-fiction science, psychology and history books. You’ll often find her dancing through writers block around her kitchen, drawing boylesque performers, drinking good coffee and relaxing with her house rabbits.

I hate to be in complete darkness, so I first saw the Milky Way in 1910 I thought I could sleep soundly if I was in the middle of all of those stars.

The 1920s were dark until I was allowed to come back into the light of civilised drawing rooms. I’d spent my confinement and 15th year in Norway during the winter darkness and returned alone. I'd been ill they said to explain my gaunt cheeks, and shadows; were love had been, curled under my eyes and refused to go.

My family thought me an abomination against God’s natural laws but the same affliction that separated me from them became my only comfort. Tired of the darkness, I travelled into the future and light spread before me. I watched candlelight replaced by Edison’s electric bulb. Some said electricity was witchcraft and full of dangerous vapours and I thought, if it was, then I was intoxicated. I watched the Industrial Revolutions with as much fervour as a nation being set free from beneath a shadow. I followed it to Chicago, 1933, where crowded in the Hall of Science courtyard, the crowd was so electric that I believed that we could light a star. Arcturus had travelled from 1893, a time traveller like me, and when they pointed their photocells at him, he obliged by producing a great white beam that cut across like sky like hope through the black.

I chased 3 months of 24 hour daylight at a time of the Arctic circle. I sat under the midnight sun in Norway. I time travelled through the dark nights and months but only lived half a life. I craved human companionship.


65 thousand words!

Friday, 14 October 2016

Hi supporters! I've hit 65 thousand words! 

Sorry it's been a while since I've written in my shed. I've been busy graduating from my MA in Creative writing here in Oxford. 

This book is my dissertation, which was great as well as complicated! Poppy has a complicated time travel plot, and although I've tightly plotted it out beforehand, it keeps surprising me. My dissertation was the first 20…

Cracking open the shed door

Monday, 14 December 2015

Good afternoon! This is my first shed post. I've been busily working on the manuscript these past few weeks. 

I have a detailed outline, but it's always wonderful to see how your book organically grows during the writing process. You realise that you've used a particular word or image that fits into your whole theme without consciously thinking about it. 

I re-watched the movie Serendipity with…

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