The D'Ancey LaGuarde Reader

By Alice Fraser & D'Ancey LaGuarde

A throbbing insight into the world of D’Ancey LaGuarde; self-published romance maven of The Gargle.

Friday, 23 June 2023

Hello from Alice...

Well, this is ridiculous. The D’Ancey LaGuarde Reader is getting funded at a pulsatingly swift pace; the pre-orders coming in as hot as a laird in a ripped kilt on a lathered horse. 

I sort of can’t believe this book is actually looking more and more likely to become reality. If we get to full funding, I think I might faint (in a train carriage, into the arms of a quiet stranger in a monocle whose slim build and unassuming manners hide a whipcord strength and tensile passion). 

I mean, it’s not just that it’s a real book about an invented author, it’s also that it’s a real book about an invented author invented for a fake ad section on a show set in an alternate universe that was itself a spin-off of The Bugle, a show famed for its relentless bullshit. 

What an extraordinary way to make a book exist. 

Please do share the link and your palpitating enthusiasm with your friends and the enemies who make your heart race in what you are increasingly insisting is annoyance rather than lust. I believe in our ability to make this happen, just like a returning duke, dispossessed for youthful rebellion returning newly wealthy from the new world to reclaim his ancestral home, and what he assumes to be the meek and biddable bride intended for him from birth.

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