The Coming Age of Imagination

By Phil Teer

How automation and a Universal Basic Income could lead to an explosion in creativity

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Living in a sci-fi future

In Mateja Kovacic's article in The Conversation, robots that once existed only in science fiction are now at work in cities across the world and the reality is both more practical and more mind-blowing than the fiction.

In Tokyo is becoming robot city in the run up to the 2020 Olympics, to enact a global repositioning at the forefront of postmodernity. Robot taxis will whisk visitors through an urbanity which is already layer upon layer of future visions of the city, from the 50s to now.

Singapore is a smart city tapping AI into the management of the urban ecosystem where drones will deliver mail and robots clean hotel rooms.

Dubai wants to put a welcoming smile on its Gothamesque bones by putting robots into public service in a bid to become the happiest place on earth.

We are living in a future first imagined in novels, comics and films. 2000AD is only 20 years late.

This loop between todays imagination and tomorrow's reality is the engine of progress. The future happens in that overlap between creative brilliance and technical innovation and a Universal Basic Income will release imagination into the system like we put our massive collective foot on the accelerator. 



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