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Sferro Hills 1943/2019

Wednesday, 28 August 2019

I want to renew my thanks to all supporters of The Coincidence of Novembers and to say that editorial and design work on the book is progressing well. I also wanted to share an exploration made this July in Sicily, when Lisa, my wife, and I had the chance to trace the site of the Battle for the Sferro Hills, west from Catania. I have written this short account:

The Sferro Hills, Sicily, 1943…

Publication update - A Note From Unbound's editors

Wednesday, 31 July 2019

A note from the editors: 

After reviewing our publication schedule for upcoming titles, the publication date of The Coincidence of Novembers is moving to July 2020.

The production schedule is going well, and this revised release date will enable us to make the most of Sandy’s hard work.

We are planning to send out the early copies to supporters, together with any rewards you may have pledged…

The Perfect Pastime of Painting

Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Dear Coincidence Supporters – I wanted to let you know that because of your generosity the book is now 93% funded - so this crucial first stage is nearly complete.

[ … And of course if anyone feels like adding more support (by donating or acquiring a pot of my marmalade or one of my father’s watercolours) to help me across the line, I will be very grateful, and there is an easy way to do it on…

Reflections on the Civil Service and Europe

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Dear Coincidence Supporters - For many years I have had on my mantelpiece a yellowing newspaper cutting: an undated diary piece, probably from The Times, from the 1980s. It reads:

But habits of secrecy die hard. When Sir Patrick Nairne, who is a distinguished ex-Permanent Secretary and the head of an Oxford College to boot, recommended a Freedom of Information Act on TV, I heard one senior civil…

Publication date: Summer 2020
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