The City Will Love You

By Nii Ayikwei Parkes

A collection of short stories; peeling the skin off cities to reveal the beautiful dramas within.

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

The Full Main Course


It's been a while, hasn't it?! I feel like the seasons aren't even behaving themselves so we can't really tell how fast time is unravelling. It's close to the end of August already. This is the time of year when my body starts to crave all kinds of food in anticipation of a series of birthdays in my family which follow hard on the heels of Eid and lead all the way to Christmas, then the new year. Writing-wise, I'm making good progress, I've fine-tuned most of the stories in The City Will Love You (I actually have a reading in Accra, Ghana tomorrow) and I've fact-checked a couple for geographic and historic detail. I've also been working on that menu and I'm pleased to share the main course options for my city dinner. Voila!

I'm still talking to a couple of places in and out of London to finalise where the dinner will be, but it should be an experience that makes for happy bellies. As I said a few updates ago, (v) means Vegan and (g) means gluten-free, but here we also have (p) for Pescatarian and the second item on the menu has a vegan option of Spinach/Melon Seed. There should be something for everyone.

The other big news is the cover, which I can finally share, from Inua Ellams [ Twitter: @InuaEllams / Instagram @inuaellams ], which looks great and has some interesting detail in the backgroud map illustration that those of you with posters will have fun exploring. 

Here we go:


And that's it for now. I'll soon be putting out information for people who would like for me to do readings in their homes or offices so you should see those on social media channels soon.

Thank you all for supporting me so far and special thanks to my new supported - especially those from Ghana and other countries in Africa that find the payment options for supporting The City Will Love You via Unbound limiting. I'm still working on solutions.


Much love!

Nii Ayikwei

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