Forget You, I didn't

Tuesday, 27 February 2018


No, I really didn't. I just ended up being much busier than I intended to be (who ever intends to be busy?), so I've fallen behind on sending out information and updates. Still, we're at 15%!! Double digits. At the time of my first update we were in single digits. Thank you all very much; it's just the platform I need to really get this campaign going.

Still, since it's been so long you deserve…

Who The Cap Fit

Thursday, 21 December 2017

I've never started a message by saying thank you, but this feels like one of those messages that needs to break rules. Thank you! 

I mean, I'm a logical man most of the time and - of course! - I expected to get at least one person to back The City Will Love You, but I still can't describe the feeling of eupho-relief I had when I go my first funder. And then, when I realised who it was (this kid…

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15% funded
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