The Cartography of Others

By Catherine McNamara

The Cartography of Others is a collection of short stories that explores the geography of the body and the migration of the heart

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Where we are now

Ciao a tutti! 

I hope you have all received your copies and if not, please do contact Unbound via and they can help! And if you enjoy the stories and are inclined to write book reviews, I'd be grateful if you could do so on Goodreads and Amazon, or anywhere! And if there are reviewers and book bloggers among you it would be wonderful to have some more reviews out there. So far, they have been great so I am relieved and relieved. And relieved.

The launch was a sweet thing and thank you so much to those who came and enjoyed our stunning soprano and the red velvet curtains and a touch of story-telling. A special night. Lots of beer and I was in a bit of a dream really. As you well know, this has been a long long process!

But the book feels great. Unbound's production standards are high and the book is wondrous. Endlessly grateful to all of you who allowed this to happen.

I'll be doing a reading at the Otherwise Bookshop in Rome on 25th July for anyone close by.

In Venice at the remarkable Acqua Alta Libreria on 27th September. With soprano.

And at Shakespeare and Co in Vienna on 4th October.

Really looking forward to these events and a couple of others I have up my sleeve in the UK in the autumn. If anyone would like to do a joint reading after the summer I'm up for it! 

The Cartography of Others is also a Summer Read 2018 selection on Isabel Costello's Literary Sofa blog, and my piece will be live on July 11th. And it's being serialised on The Pigeonhole this week if you want to nudge a friend into reading it.

Some comments that make me reach for my prosecco:

'..the greatest strengths of this collection are in the quality of Catherine McNamara's writing, which is frequently jaw-dropping.. There's a.. cinematic quality and an extraordinary vividness that's shot through every story in here.' 

'I'd argue that the very best writing often makes the world strange and unfamiliar, causes you to see in again through fresh eyes. And, whether it's the.. horror of being with a father you don't trust in a traumatic situation, or the description of somebody's IVF egg donation as "a galaxy of consequences", Catherine McNamara makes the world strange and vibrant.'

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Lesley Burt
 Lesley Burt says:

Many congratulations Catherine. I'm still waiting for a copy, but have contacted Unbound. Have a great summer. X

posted 28th June 2018

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