The Cartography of Others

By Catherine McNamara

The Cartography of Others is a collection of short stories that explores the geography of the body and the migration of the heart

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Cover Days

Exciting times! Winter is nearly over and edits are almost complete. At the moment the cover design is in the works. Wonderful ideas have been thrown about and I’m looking forward to seeing this short story collection distilled into alluring graphic material. I’m nervous and excited at the same time, having worked in design and photography myself, and am trying not to be precious about my babes/stories. I’ll shortly be seeing what Unbound’s wonderful designers come up with. 
We also have some smashing cover quotes from illustrious writers and editors, all truly generous souls. I’m rather flabbergasted and touched. 
So we are nearly there. Not yet but almost. It’s been a very long editing journey and I’ll be so glad when the book finally reaches your hands. Continued thanks for your almighty support and patience!
More news soon and in the meantime a contemplative snow scene from the Dolomites – where two of Cartography’s stories take place.

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