Cadence in Key of C

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Crowdfunding is over! Thanks to all of you wonderful supporters the target has been reached! Prosecco for everybody! I am absolutely thrilled and wish to thank every one of you. Family because you have been generous and supportive from afar, old friends who didn't mind the postage cost when I started to flog my book, blogger friends who leapt in from abroad, creative friends who have such large and equally tormented souls (and sometimes slim wallets but this did not hold you back!), neighbours (I am making this one up) and especially to those who don't really know me or my work but who have been kind enough to show interest and contribute - just like that! Each time it felt like a small miracle was taking place. 
A few of you I shall be seeing shortly or next year - in Venice or here at the house for the writing retreat. The house is breathing with summer air now, almost ready for writerly visitors. I have just enjoyed giving my first workshop at Kingston University, and look forward to two more with pledgers. And a book club skype with faraway readers in the Middle East. (Ciao Mar Ti!)
You are all marvellous! I do wish we could have a cocktail party on my lawn this evening, with my soprano daughter singing. I might have almost enough wine in the portico fridge. 
It goes without saying that should any of you pass through Venice, Padova, Vicenza or Verona, the drinks are on me!

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