The Carpet Merchant of Konstantiniyya: Volume II

By Reimena Yee

The second and final installment of the Eisner-nominated online graphic novel.

Thursday, 29 April 2021

Update | Bookmark, Pins, Book Timeline

Hello everyone!

I hope you had a lovely April. Some updates from my end, especially regarding the merch:

Enamel pins: both the bird and bat pins are in production at the factory. Heads up that I've edited the bird pin slightly from the Volume One 2019 run (nothing drastic, just the sharpness of the black and a few barely noticeable design tweaks). When the pins arrive at my doorstep I will show you the pictures.

Here's a reminder of what the pins look like together.

Bookmark: I've connected with a manufacturer and they will be making a sample sometime in May (?). When it's ready, I will also send pictures!

And... finally! Here is the final design. I've incorporated a few of the motifs from the pins and the book covers, while keeping some of the Oushak rug aesthetic. (the lotto branches at the corners, and the rose/tulip medallions in the middle) Not seen in the image are the white fringes at the top and bottom of the bookmark.

As this is woven with actual thread, not printed, the design may come out somewhat different to this image. This is my first time designing something entirely out of fabric, which is both anxiety-inducing and exciting! Fingers crossed, it will look great!

Delivery of these items: They will ship together with the hardcopy of Volume Two (and/or One, if you ordered that) when it's ready. At this point in production I have no clear idea of when this might happen exactly, except a hopeful early 2022 estimate  - the final date depends on the printing and distribution process, barring any pandemic-related backlog, delays and supply chain hiccups.

The book itself: As mentioned in my previous update earlier this month, I was juggling three other graphic novels not related to The Carpet Merchant.. and I am now juggling two. I am still buried by the workload, though I certainly feel lighter this month. I am hoping to reach the point where I'll have the room in my head and schedule to begin remastering this book in June.

Once again, thank you for bearing with me. I will update you next when I have pictures of the pins and bookmark sample.

Until next time,

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Nesher Asner
 Nesher Asner says:

Waitaminnit - the bookmark is going to be woven? Like a little miniature carpet? I must be kinda slow, I missed that. Will it be available as an add-on? Thanks, and looking forward to Part II !

posted 30th April 2021

Reimena Yee
 Reimena Yee says:

@Nesher You can upgrade your pledge by following these steps , unless your pledge was customised, in which case you may have to contact my campaign manager, Cassie (her email is listed in the previous update)

posted 30th April 2021

Nesher Asner
 Nesher Asner says:

Done - Thanks!

posted 1st May 2021

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