Saturday, 1 December 2018

Hi everyone, it's the first of December and guess where we are at right now -- 90% funded!

Thank you for sticking with The Carpet Merchant since June. Your trust and patience are valuable to me and I appreciate them in ways that cannot be worded in any language.

I don't have any notable book-related updates in particular. However! Since we're 10% of the way in, I'll like to give an overview about what is being offered through this crowdfunding:

  1. The hardcover first edition of the graphic novel. Plus ebook, transcript and complimentary guidebook.
  2. Autographed bookplate.
  3. 1.25 inch hard enamel pin of a nightingale and rose.
  4. Exclusive print by artist/writer Katie O'Neill, of Tea Dragon Society and Aquicorn Cove.
  5. Exclusive letterpress postcard.
  6. A set of bookmarks (choose one or all), by myself, choo, Kaeti Vandorn, and Bree Paulsen.
  7. Artist commission.

Libraries and retailers get a special offer for bulk orders. If you've a library or a local, independent comics/book store you'd love to see this book in, ping them. Let them know. Let's get beautiful graphic novels in front of more people.

Pledges can still be upgraded!

Let's wrap up 2018 with a 100%!

Until then, with much love,


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