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Thursday, 8 November 2018

Hooray! We're nearly 3/4 there!


I've recently announced the winners of the Giveaway in a private post so as to maximise backers' privacy. Just in case some of us didn't receive that update, if you're Laura M. (who backed in June), and Brian M. (August), please drop me a line.

If no one claims the prize within a week, I'll do another draw.


Currently I'm doing two things: remastering the artwork, and writing the transcript.

1. Remastering artwork

I drew the original pages of TCM Vol I in 2016, which is a long time ago! Back then, I wasn't as skilled in drawing comics as I am now, given that Vol I is my first graphic novel. So for this edition, I'm remastering these pages -- fixing inconsistencies in the art and layout, updating the lettering, improving the reading experience, etc. It's 336 pages of some work, but I'm dedicated to making this book as worthy as being part of your shelf/coffee table as much it can be.

A preview of the earliest pages of TCM.

I'm really excited, because remastering these pages is one part of the process of creating what I hope will be one of the prettiest graphic novels ever. The Carpet Merchant will be an art object as much as it is a wonderful reading experience. Hopefully soon, it will be reality.

2. Transcription

As part of remastering Vol I's pages, I'm writing up the transcription. So far it's going alright. There are very few examples of comics transcription available, so I really have to develop my own approach for TCM's. The approach is something akin to adaptation, leaning towards prose over script. I based my decision on a few ideas, mostly to create an accessible and enjoyable experience separate from reading a comic, while still connected to the visuals.

Other updates

The Carpet Merchant is in a featured interview for The Bosphorus Review, an online literary magazine featuring stories inspired by Turkey. Luke and I discuss TCM's inspiration and its visual design.

Until 75%!
Thanks again for backing and believing in the comic.

Reimena Yee.


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