65% | Halloween Offer Code, & New Book Announcement

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Heylo everyone!

The Carpet Merchant Vol I is 65% funded, with 445 backers. Hooray! We still have 5.7k in English money to raise. It looks like a lot, but we've already raised 11k. We can totally hit the goal.

Here are a couple of updates:

As part of Unbound's Halloween special, use the offer code UNBOO to receive 10% off on all new pledges for The Carpet Merchant. Offer ends Oct 31st midnight.

This is an excellent opportunity for new pledgers to join the campaign!

The news is out! I'm going to be writing and drawing a brand new middle-grade graphic novel for kids at Random House Graphic. It's called Seance Tea Party and is about a lonely girl Lora who struggles with growing up. When she meets a neighbourhood ghost who will be the age she is now forever, the choices she has to make about facing the future grow more difficult. Coming 2020!

How would this affect the production of The Carpet Merchant Vol I? Well, it doesn't. The entire story (including Vol II) is already complete. The only work I've to do is to remaster the artwork so that they'd be ready for print. (Basically, what you're pledging towards is the printing of the book)

The whole process of printing and making a physical book will only happen once the campaign is fully funded. Because there aren't going to be any delays relating to story production (something technical will come up, as per Murphy's law), the timeline between editorial to press should be pretty straightforward. And I hope it'll happen asap!

Anyway, if any of you have already read The Carpet Merchant and enjoyed it, this will be right up your alley in terms of narrative. Just more for kids. But I think the theme of growing up (and growing old) is all-ages. So hey, it'll be for the you who is young at heart too.

Until next time,
Reimena Yee



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