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Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Hey everyone,

We just reached another milestone -- 20%! So close to being a quarter of the way in. Thanks so much to everyone who has backed the book and shared it with their friends/family/pets. Please keep the momentum going!

We've unlocked a NEW bookmark design. Presenting....

You can now choose this bookmark as your desired design if you pledged to the 1 Bookmark tier, or have it as part of the full set, at the end of the campaign. You still have time to change your pledge tier!

The next bookmark design will be unlocked at 50%. I'm very excited about this one - it's a double-sided design, featuring the two main characters.

Kaeti V is an illustrator and comic artist and a dear old friend of mine! She creates the webcomics Call of the Sentinel, a story about a grumpy little monster becoming friends with a bubbly little monster; and Lumina, about a pumpkin apprentice who keeps (literally) losing her head as she struggles to become a witch. http://callofthesentinel.com/

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