An excerpt from

The Butterfly Effect

Karl Lokko

Bad News

But how? From where?
The news I received changed the colour of the air
A rare despair
My gravest fear
There’s a flash of red, a flash of green
A flash of pain a flash of greed
And reason just past like a flash with speed
O’ reason, no reason, for reason
The trek to reason is an important road
But to walk this walk alone is cold
But it’s a single road, which path is snowed
My soul has lost life
I can’t sleep my soul has lost night
I breathe and toss left, I sigh and toss right
My ears have frostbite,
O how I loathe this cold report

Four letter L word

This pen is mind. – Men in Kind, humanity
Existence is controlled insanity
Life the purest vanity
It can be smoked, inhaled, injected
We all share the same needle, infected.
Men wear sleeves to hide the needle tracks
And open windows to clear the smoke
Wipe noses and dare to hope.
Life is the purest vanity
Existence controlled insanity
Life is the only habit from the cradle to the grave
The only practice we are all faithful to engage
What an abuse of substance,
We all try to make patterns with ash
From ashes to ashes, from dust to dust
History can be seen through the smoke trends
Witness the smoke twirl, see how the smoke bends
Our life is the candle lit at both ends.
Vanity of vanity, don’t lose control of your sanity