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A debut collection of poetry, born in the social commute of London's many layers

“Art takes courage, as it’s an unveiling of a nakedness more revealing than your birthday suit. But ultimately we do not fear our truth, after all it’s ours, we fear other people’s depiction of our truth. Their scrutiny of our truth. Their judgement of our truth.”

The Butterfly Effect, also known as the chaos theory. The notion that a butterfly flapping its wings on one side of the planet can cause a hurricane on the other. It’s validity may be debatable, but the overriding theory that things we deem insignificant can have the greatest ramifications is something I’ve witnessed for myself. I’ve seen rumours lead to loss of life, boredom turn to crime, conversation turn to indoctrination, kind gestures change lives, hobbies turn to careers and adults still carrying what was given to them in the playground as children.

This collection of poetry is as vibrant as the city it was written in and reflects the tapestry of London living. From the underworld to the mainstream, from the rich to the poor, from the radical to the ‘normal’. I am a merchant of love in this land and I sit with ‘council estate royalty’, actual royalty, entrepreneurial royalty, spiritual royalty and those furthest from the throne room.

This is a look at life with my eyes. A part of my truth written in poetry’s ink.

Karl is a London-based poet, social activist, influencer and church minister. He grew up in an estate in South London, and was exposed to the challenges of living in an inner city urban environment. In his early 20s, he started turning his life around and has been able to harness his life experiences to become a well respected activist and influencer within the UK.

Karl is also a musician, and public speaker who utilises his talents through these channels to articulate his message, views and opinions to the general public. Presenting a hybrid of oratory mixed with poetry to captivate and take his audience on a journey, he has performed at various prestigious events to everyone from youth workers to royalty.

He combines his oratory skills with a rare ability to connect with people on a human level, granting him undoubtedly the role of bridging worlds and uniting communities. Karl’s messages draw on his life experience to make bold statements about social inequality, transformation and envisioning a collective destiny.

Bad News

But how? From where?
The news I received changed the colour of the air
A rare despair
My gravest fear
There’s a flash of red, a flash of green
A flash of pain a flash of greed
And reason just past like a flash with speed
O’ reason, no reason, for reason
The trek to reason is an important road
But to walk this walk alone is cold
But it’s a single road, which path is snowed
My soul has lost life
I can’t sleep my soul has lost night
I breathe and toss left, I sigh and toss right
My ears have frostbite,
O how I loathe this cold report

Four letter L word

This pen is mind. – Men in Kind, humanity
Existence is controlled insanity
Life the purest vanity
It can be smoked, inhaled, injected
We all share the same needle, infected.
Men wear sleeves to hide the needle tracks
And open windows to clear the smoke
Wipe noses and dare to hope.
Life is the purest vanity
Existence controlled insanity
Life is the only habit from the cradle to the grave
The only practice we are all faithful to engage
What an abuse of substance,
We all try to make patterns with ash
From ashes to ashes, from dust to dust
History can be seen through the smoke trends
Witness the smoke twirl, see how the smoke bends
Our life is the candle lit at both ends.
Vanity of vanity, don’t lose control of your sanity


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