The Burning Hill

By A.D. Flint

Robbed and shot on Copacabana Beach, a young British soldier sets out to save the favela kid who nearly killed him:

Sunday, 28 July 2019

Who's hit #1 in Amazon Australia?

I thought you might like to know that The Burning Hill hit the #1 Amazon Australia bestseller spot in the Criminology category last week, and I captured a screenshot (below) for posterity!

I also hit #2 in the Crime Action & Adventure category for Amazon Canada, and I couldn’t resist saving another screenshot (below) from the Canada Action and Adventure category, because this is me at #10, edging out no less than two Harry Potter books to #11 and #12! Obviously, there was another Harry Potter in the #1 spot - you can’t beat JK Rowling, but at least I was giving her a run for her money.

Please excuse the lack of communication recently - I’ve been on a mission promoting the book, mostly through social media, which I’m afraid is where a lot of the hard yards are done these days for many debut authors.

And please don’t forget those all-important reviews on Amazon or Goodreads, if you possibly can. They make an enormous amount of difference to the visibility of the book on Amazon.

All the best,

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