The Burning Hill

By A.D. Flint

Robbed and shot on Copacabana Beach, a young British soldier sets out to save the favela kid who nearly killed him:

Thursday, 29 March 2018

The structure

I think you may have received an update from Unbound on progress with The Burning Hill last week, but here’s a little more from me:

After reaching 100% funding I revisited the manuscript and spent a couple of months going through and rewriting chunks and tidying up. It was basic stuff rather than polishing as I knew it would get picked apart in the structural edit.

The guy that runs the Unbound editorial desk chose to edit my book rather than put it out to a freelancer as the story and style are right up his street. So that was a good start.

He’s been very positive but very tough on an aspect which I’m not very disciplined with – multiple POVs (I tend to write like it’s a movie script). I’ve had some very enlightening conversations and now doing a rehash for him to then reread for further feedback on the story structure. It’s been great to get really precise objective feedback to confirm what works and what doesn’t work - I love detail!

Will keep you updated on next steps...

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