The Burning Hill

By A.D. Flint

Robbed and shot on Copacabana Beach, a young British soldier sets out to save the favela kid who nearly killed him:

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Letting you know

Crowdfunding has been an interesting process so far. There have been weeks where loads of activity have resulted in not very much, and then along comes a run of pledges (a case of waiting for buses, the Brits might say). I have now made it to 63% funded and I’m very grateful to all supporters.

Unbound reckon that the 60/70% mark is the home straight and that funding tends to snowball from there… I’m not holding my breath and will keep up the activity, but won’t bombard existing supporters.

I haven’t had too much time recently to think about my novel (rather than keeping one eye on frying the fish and the other on the cat, as the Brazilians might say). If I can get to the funding finish-line I’m looking forward to the editing process, although I may not have the same opinion by the time I get the other side of it…

The idea for my novel came from an incident I saw in Rio that left a deep impression, and the story focuses on the violence, corruption and injustice that many of those at the bottom of the heap have to deal with on a daily basis in Brazil.

There’s obviously an awful lot more to Brazil than that - it’s a hard-working place full of potential, ambition and humour. I can’t pretend to be an expert, but I do love the country and its people (which is lucky, as I’m married to one of them!)

That’s pretty much it although, if you haven’t yet managed to listen to the excerpt read by my friend James Langton, I’d thoroughly recommend it as he really brings the words to life (just play the video at the top of my main book page).

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