The Burning Hill

By A.D. Flint

Robbed and shot on Copacabana Beach, a young British soldier sets out to save the favela kid who nearly killed him:

Friday, 23 November 2018

Dropping now

I have started to see signs on Facebook, Whatsapp, and other available platforms, of the book landing on doormats. Loving the photos. Thank you for your support and for your patience.

I'd love to see more pics on social media of you opening the book or reading, if that's your thing - but only if it is your thing, obviously.

I hope you enjoy your copy of The Burning Hill! If you do, I would be very grateful for a review either on Goodreads or on Amazon (both would be amazing). It's the reviews and the social-media chatter that will raise the profile of the book at this stage.

My blog tour starts on Monday, 26 Nov: each day a reviewer will put their review out and shout about it on social media. I'll be retweeting and Facebooking each day, so any RTs and shares would be much appreciated. My twitter handle is @brazil_thriller

I had a very nice advance review this week - please see below:

<< As well as the author bio, a week or so before I started reading this book I had seen a video clip on twitter of people in Rio clapping and cheering as police threw the bodies of two young men they had just shot into the back of a truck, which was quite graphic, and as I was reading this book I couldn’t help but to see those young men's faces on Vilson and Babao, so for me that added an even more real life, human element to the characters and plot lines.

I haven’t been this heavily invested in a story and set of characters for a long time, to the point I found myself dreaming about Vilson, Jake and the favelas and woke myself up 5am – so obviously I started reading again.

The ending literally gave me goosebumps and brought a slight tear to the eye! That is something that doesn’t happen very often at all!!

Gritty, hard-hitting and utterly compulsive, this is a book that has you wanting to head straight back to page one straight after turning the last page.

This is an author to keep an eye out for and I would be at the head of the queue if there is to be a continuation from this book. I'd love to see what the future has in store for the favela gang, my imagination has already been ticking over “what happened next” scenarios for them all! >>

More news soon!

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