The Boy Who Stole Time

By Mark Bowsher

A young boy travels to a magical realm and is set three impossible tasks to win the essence of time itself in order to save his dying mother

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Next Stage of Editorial & Artwork

Several bits of exciting news...

1. Editorial came back with some fantastic comments. Here's a shortened version of Craig in editorial's email (with all the spoilery stuff removed!)

Hello Mark,

Well done!

So I can see there's been a huge amount of work done on this manuscript, and I'm very impressed.

You've really put your back into it and I really appreciate and admire that.

I’ve attached a copy of the manuscript back with this mail, labelled with today's date. I made a few tiny notes in there. But there's very little, because of the commitment you’ve shown on this draft.

I fixed these small suggestions in less than an hour and I've been moved on to copy editing. This looks for inconsistencies in my writing style amongst other things. Then the final stage of editorial will essentially be looking at spelling and grammar. Craig explained the three stages of editorial as like going through a finer and finer sieve. So each stage should take less time than the last - most of the legwork was done in the first stage, the structural edit.

2. I've been asked to fill in a questionnaire on my thoughts on cover design...which is very exciting! I had artwork designed by Lyall McCarthy because I thought a cover would help position the book better for people when I was crowdfunding it. I still think it's a great direction and Unbound know that I'm keen for Lyall to create the artwork for the final cover. It'll probably have to be adapted in some way if used but Lyall's artwork has been commented on positively a lot and I know that some of you who pledged were hooked in by the artwork.

But the final decision will be Unbound's. They know how to position the book for a wider market and if they feel a different direction will help then so be it. I'd just love this artwork on my first book. It was be amazing to see it on my shelf!

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