The Boy Who Stole Time

By Mark Bowsher

A young boy travels to a magical realm and is set three impossible tasks to win the essence of time itself in order to save his dying mother

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Listen to Chapter 3 - The Harvest of Time

I read an abridged version of chapter 3 at Brixton Bookjam last night and had a great response from the crowd and other authors there. Really enjoyed the readings from Sophie Sparham, Damon L Wakes, Sarah-Jane Stratford, Zelda Rhiando and James Benmore. Here's a picture of me on stage courtesy of Caspar Addyman, a fellow Unbound author who I made a video for last year:

But more importantly, here's a video of chapter 3, The Harvest of Time, narrated by my actor friend John Fricker. There's no stock footage in this video aside from a couple of images of stars. The rest was created using oils and dyes in water / smoke effects by my regular DOP Jake Martin. There's also artwork from Lyall McCarthy and some of my own photos from the Sahara; a trip that inspired the book.


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