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A young boy travels to a magical realm and is set three impossible tasks to win the essence of time itself in order to save his dying mother


19 pledges

E-book edition and your name in the back of the book

Patron Paperback

49 pledges

1st edition paperback and e-book edition. Plus your name in the list of Patrons in the back of the book.

Super Patron (Early Bird Discount) / Special offer / Sold out

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Super Patron Paperback

20 pledges

1st edition paperback, ebook edition and your name in the list of Super Patrons in the front of the book.

Access to Bonus Material

2 pledges

Escape into the world and history of Ilir with these cut scenes and bonus materials plus everything at the Patron Paperback level

Sequel Hints

2 pledges

Mark will handwrite a line from the sequel to come alongside the 1st edition paperback (keep it to yourself, though – it’s a secret!) and your name in the back of the book.

Bad Sketch

Mark loves drawing, despite the fact a 5-year-old could do better (he is dyspraxia after all). He will (badly) sketch a scene from the book. It will be of questionable quality, but you’ll love it. Plus everything at the Super Patron Paperback level.

20 available

Time Itself

3 pledges

A collectable glass vial of the Sands of Time itself, discovered by the author in the Sahara plus everything at the Patron Paperback level.

15 available

Name A Character

1 pledge

Your opportunity to have a character in the book named after yourself, your children, your pet hamster or a character from your own writings could even have a cameo.

3 available. Name subject to author approval.

Reading & Dyspraxia Awareness

1 pledge

Mark will read from the book at your school or book club and talk about how his dyspraxia has shaped his writing and filmmaking in the best possible way plus five 1st edition paperbacks.

Personalised Short

Mark works best with a challenge! He’ll write you a personalised short story based on three parameters plus everything at the Time Itself level.