The Boy from Boskovice: A Father's Secret Life

By Vicky Unwin

What makes a good man bad? Nature or nurture? A story of secrets, lies, loss and abuse…

Friday, 29 May 2020

Remembering Tom/Dad eight years after he died

It's eight years since Tom he is in 1947/8 with a tractor superivising the ploughing on the infamous Groundnut Scheme, launched by the post-war Labour government to grow peanuts to be made into oil to feed the undernourished Brits. There's a whole chapter on this disaster in my book, plus lots of archive photos like this one showing Dad (and Mum) in their early pioneering days. However, it transformed my father's life and, to a large extent, made him the success he became. Not long to wait now...waiting for proofs

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