The Book of Wag

By Paul Sidey

A remarkable posthumous South London novel from a legendary editor

Sunday, 25 October 2015

The Book of Wag progress report

Dear Friends of Paul

Well we're heading towards publication slowly but the end of January, I believe. It is Sunday afternoon, and  I am sitting at the dining table reading through the page proofs, and find that even though I have gone through it so many times at manuscript stage, it still feels fresh:  I am still gripped, touched, surprised and amused by this novel that Paul put so much of himself into.  He would be so very happy, and so proud, that it is going to be published soon.

We even have a cover,or so  I believe: I'd be pleased to hear what you all think of it.

Warmest wishes l





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Anthea Morton-Saner
 Anthea Morton-Saner says:

I like the cover a lot. What colour is the title printed in? Really looking forward to January.

posted 5th November 2015

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