Friday, 29 January 2016

Last week a supporter said he missed my regular updates, so blame him for this one. It may seem as if nothing is happening, but my editor and I are still working hard to make Bera's story as engaging, dynamic and immersive as possible. The final submission date is 12th February, after which Unbound get cracking on all the stuff a publisher has to do. I'm as involved as I wish to be (a lot), so watch this space for cover options etc. I've already been working on examples of chapter headings, see above.

This week I have written a short novella and edited a book I've been writing with my small StoryMakers. We'll tosh that up as soon as The Book of Bera is submitted and then I'll visit their school with copies. They want to show me off: "our author". I feel a bit like their Tame Dragon. So ... this 'quiet time' is in fact full on and I shall update so that you can follow the process every step of the way, as promised.

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