The Book Of Bera Part One: Sea Paths

By Suzie Wilde

The first in a brand new series of Viking adventure fantasy novels

Friday, 31 July 2015

Ice Bear

Another photo from my first research trip to Iceland. This is a real polar bear and I am genuinely in shock and awe at the size of the beast. The manager of gorgeous Hotel Ranga (in whose lobby the bear snarls) assures me that it is not by a long way the biggest. Paws like dinner plates! I'm five feet five inches tall and it wasn't on a plinth. Getting this close meant that I could describe the varied colours in the fur for a scene where ... Well. wait and see.

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Andrew Hawkins
 Andrew Hawkins says:

Tease, tease! Good post! Well, seems it might have been the inspiration for our 'Ice Bear' hanging on the wall in the Alps. There is a similar, although from distant memory, smaller example in the airport terminal at Anchorage, Alaska.

posted 1st August 2015

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