The Book of Bera: Sea Paths (Book I in The Book of Bera trilogy)

By Suzie Wilde

The first in a brand new series of Viking adventure fantasy novels

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Deep Joy

Thanks to my supporters The Book of Bera draws closer to certain publication. Because Unbound have a submission process, the failure rate is much lower than other, unmediated crowd funding sites. No one has yet failed to get fully funded once having hit the 65% threshold. So ... I'm still writing to friends and interested parties; trying to get one more big sponsor; trying out drawings and thinking about unique book covers. Because this will happen - and I'm busting a gut to make sure it happens soon. I know some of you are, too, and that's wonderful. Thank you.

Here are two double pages from a unique book I made (called Quest) and I'd like to get a similar style for the drawings in the £100 reward level.

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