The Book of Bera: Sea Paths (Book I in The Book of Bera trilogy)

By Suzie Wilde

The first in a brand new series of Viking adventure fantasy novels

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

A Fishing Nation

Remember the Cod Wars? It's always been a dangerous living: there used to be 50% mortality.

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Kim Locke
 Kim Locke says:

I was born and raised in Nova Scotia, the sea in in my blood. :) There's a massive amount of fishing that happens there too, but it's starting to become a rare art. This is partially due to the Grand Banks and the ocean not being left alone to replenish. A lot of the vessels that come from other countries will also rake the sea bed with huge nets and take everything, but throw back what they don't want (which by that time has died). I really wish this industry was more focused on conservation than money.

posted 17th August 2015

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