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Debunk your bonking woes with this sex and relationships bible.

According to recent studies, millennials are now the most tolerant generation when it comes to sex and sexuality.

We have been branded as the "Hook-up Generation", even though reports have found that millennials are having less sex than older generations*.

However, due to misinformation on the Internet, grey areas in relationships and a new ‘swipe left/right’ dating culture, millennials have been left confused and even anxious about the world of sex.

This book will give practical and often, personal information about a wide range of relationship situations in the context of this modern era. But most importantly, the book will have an inclusive nature that reflects what our society is actually like.

In the book I’ll give my thoughts on whether or not it’s ‘morally’ right to have a sponsor (otherwise known as a “Sugar Daddy”) and also include the experiences from “Sugar Babies”.

From faking orgasms, to being too afraid to talk about contraception, STI’s, consent between partners and even pornography.

Hoes and freaks?

Are women able to live their best lives or do we still have quite far to go as a society to maintain a sex positive attitude towards women.

We’ll revisit the topic of being a "girlfriend fluffer" and knowing just exactly when to leave a "situationship".

Are monogamous relationships overrated and should we just accept that some of us were built to be with more than one person?

I’ll also be taking a look at the LGBTQ community as I interview different people from various cultural backgrounds who speak about their dating and sexual experiences.

The Big O will be not only be debunking myths and "sexual fake news". It will be an essential tool for empowering young adults to have fullfilling relationships, free of guilt, anxiety and shame.

This timely book is the book I wish I had growing up.

My book prides itself in being a shame-free, sex-positive guide for anyone who is curious about sex, relationships and sexuality in this vibrant and varied millenial age.


Dami Olonisakin – aka @Oloni – a twenty-something award-winning blogger from London. She is also the Founder and Editor of, an online platform for discussions on sex and relationships. Dami is a relationship coach and has given over thousands of women all over the world advice on their love and sex lives through phone calls, emails and her popular "Ask Olon"i page. She has been featured in publications such as The Sun, The Daily Mail, Cosmopolitan and also been named as part of BBC’s Girls’ Champions.

Dami writes about almost everything, but specialises in sexuality and relationships. She was voted the Best Sex and Relationships Blogger of 2015 by Cosmopolitan UK Magazine and her blog was voted top one of the UK’s top Dating blogs of 2017.

Her past books and blogs have helped empower several young women to rethink the situation they’re involved in, both romantically and sexually.

Oloni also hosts Laid Bare, a sex-positive live show aimed at women who are opinionated and want to have their say on sexuality.

You’ve probably also seen her #DateChallenge, which went viral in early 2018, where  she encouraged women to ask men they were interested in on dates – with some very impressive results!

It looks like Oloni has not made any updates yet. Check back soon!

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