An excerpt from

The Ballad of Sarah Callaghan

Sarah Callaghan


The caterpillar wears a disguise,
Underneath lies conflicted butterflies,
Questioning their own morality,
In a battle with their own mortality,
'If I shed my skin then I will die' they cry,
Not knowing they poses wings to fly. 

The leap of faith is all that’s needed,
Break the cocoon and you'd succeeded.
But fear of the unknown,
Is fear to not just animals alone,
Humans create the same conflicts,
By over thinking everything. 

Fear is merely an illusion,
Driving us all into delusion,
When if we just took the leap of faith,
We could create a positive fate,
So don’t let it be a surprise,
Fuck fear, Face Everything And Rise.



Wrapped in a cocoon my arms lie flat,
Pressed against the thin walls that, protect and nurture these limbs.
Over time they get strong and expand, breaking the crisp shell that's engulfed the potential that’s in my hands.
Like a peacock they flutter open showing the colours that I knew were there underneath.
Nothing can stop me now not even the rain, I regain control as it bounces off my wings like a glued on rain mac.
The day I learn to fly, I'm never coming back.



Curtains drawn shut, her mind was fatigued,
Only through sleep she finds that relief for a moment.
For this is all part of life's rich tapestry, a complex sequence of events make for a fulfilling ride but never once did her fortitude waver. 

Love thy hater, savour that behaviour and it will inevitably make you greater - gives you the fire that's painfully beautiful. That bitter sweet disposition never leaves you.
This life sometimes feels full of esoteric allusion - some days her brain bursts with serotonin filling her head and covering her in that soft embrace, other days, she takes melatonin to help her sleep. Shes feels the black dog creep.  

Psychology is all about searching for answers to rhetorical questions which sounds absurd but until you listen to every word you will never fully understand. 
She yearned for his touch it was like hypnosis but knew it wouldnt bring her out of the darkness - the light is shining for her and her alone when she opens her eyes it will blind her.  

Oscar Wilde said I can resist anything except temptation - the best oxymoron and he wasnt wrong. 
And ineffable addiction trapped in a bubble, a dream. She longed for a life that was serene.
So she created it herself and opened the curtains. The light hurt her eyes but she beamed as the sun beamed back at her. She picked up her favourite literature and read - thank goodness you've woken up from the dead.