The Backstreets of Purgatory

By Helen Taylor

Caravaggio in Glasgow: A Tale of Art, Insanity and Irn Bru

Monday, 19 September 2016


I gave you the SHEDs UP and now here it is. Tah-dah. COMPETITION TIME!!

Your chance to win a Backstreets tour and a complimentary packet of Tunnocks Teacakes.



Very simple. All you have to do is to name the six Caravaggio masterpieces from which each of the sections below were cut and identify the odd one out. 


Send the answers to my special Backstreets email address:

All the correct answers will go into a hat or other suitable receptacle and the first to be drawn (possibly by Mook the cat, otherwise by some equally dispassionate observer) is the WINNER. 

But remember you have to be a SUPPORTER to enter but a simple pledge is all it takes. And you could be in for the treat of your life (if your life is pretty boring; if, on the other hand, your life is full of fascinating adventures, the prize might provide some mild distraction and relief from the excitement of it all).


A Backstreets tour for you and a friend and a complimentary packet of six Tunnocks teacakes, along with all the other things in your original pledge (including a copy of the hardback book if you pledged for a ebook).


Midnight 9th October 2016 (I felt it important to specify the year. Note also how the midnight deadline gives an air of officialdom to this otherwise frankly quite amateur affair).

Good luck.

I’m preparing to be inundated…


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Patsy Steele
 Patsy Steele says:

I see you're up to 60%! things are going well! Why don't you use the hashtag #caravaggio or #caravaggioexhibtion whenever you tweet something about the book? google street view maps

posted 29th March 2019

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