The Backstreets of Purgatory

By Helen Taylor

Caravaggio in Glasgow: A Tale of Art, Insanity and Irn Bru

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

An AccompliSHED performance

By one or two folk at least. Because, quite frankly, most of you were rubbish. Very few people correctly identified all the Caravaggio paintings in my devilishly hard quiz. The word on the street is that some of you were too chicken even to enter. It wasn’t really that hard, was it? Was it?

However, I am delighted to announce that not everyone was as easily deterred by a challenge as some of you shirkers, and that we do indeed have a winner. 

Drum roll.

The winner of the Backstreets Tour and those very polite Tunnock’s Teacakes is…


Well done, Maria. We’ll be in touch to arrange everything. I’m looking forward to showing you around the Backstreets of Glasgow’s West End, talking Caravaggio, going to the University Cafe for ice cream, and other such highbrow activities (possibly in the pub).

For those of you whose performance wasn’t quite up to scratch (I’m naming no names), the correct answers were:

  1. Sick Bacchus
  2. Omnia Vincit Amor
  3. Boy Bitten by a Lizard
  4. Mary Magdelen in Ecstasy
  5. Boy Peeling a Fruit
  6. David with the Head of Goliath

as evidenced by the pics below.


All images reproduced from

See, not that bad after all.

H x


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Lisa Watson
 Lisa Watson says:

Oh no! I think I got every single one of them wrong! Can I get a prize for the worst contestant? LOL!!!

posted 11th October 2016

Patricia Giangrande Hamila
 Patricia Giangrande Hamila says:

I guess I'm in the chicken category. After a mere glance at Caravaggio on Wikipedia, all that skin and drapery must have blurred my vision. Thanks for the answers though.

posted 11th October 2016

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