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Thursday, 16 August 2018

The Backstreets of Purgatory has been out in the real world for a month or so now, and the reviews are coming in. Here's a selection of comments from book bloggers and readers who have reviewed it. Of course, if you are reading this on a phone, you won't have a hope of seeing the comments properly. But let me tell you, they are pretty darn good. Words like 'outstanding', 'audacious', 'original', 'bizarre' feature quite strongly and one kind blogger said, 'Certainly a best seller' (although while I love the sentiment, I'm very aware that nothing is a given).


I've had loads of lovely, hugely complimentary messages from readers too. It is an absolute joy for me to know that you are appreciating the novel (or keeping very quiet if you hated it!!).

If, by any chance, any of you have the time or inclination, the most valuable thing for me at this point is reviews. Amazon (sadly they seem to rule the world), Waterstones, Goodreads or anywhere else. You don't have to write loads (or anything on some sites) and you don't have to have even liked the novel. It is a numbers game here unfortunately. Apparently there is a change in the algorithm that Amazon use once a book reaches a certain number of reviews which puts it into the recommendations. It all helps to spread the word.

Or just tell your friends...

Thank you xx

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