The Atlantis Deception

By Mark Jackson

Lost cities, secret societies, Nazi archaeology and Atlantis. Join Dr John Hunter in his unrelenting quest to unveil the hidden and explosive beginnings to civilisation.

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

The Atlantis Deception Published (Finally!!!)

Dear all,

I am so pleased to announce the full publication of "The Atlantis Deception" as of Thursday 8th November 2018. Some of you will already know I have had a few issues with Amazon delaying publication of the ebook for reasons unknown and I am praying they stick to their new date this time!

Many of you will already have your copies and I hope you agree the book has turned out well and (I really hope) will offer up a few hours of enjoyment. 

If any of you get a chance I would love it if a review could be left on the or site (or Goodreads if you are a member). Unfortunately, the only way I can improve my ranking is with reviews. The life of a struggling debutant author!

I am pleased to say the prints are ready to go. I am just awaiting a data protection agreement from Unbound so all the postal addresses can be released to me. I will continue to chase and hopefully will have this by the end of the week.

Again I must thank you all so much for your kind support during this process and I really appreciate your help in lifting me onto the publication ladder. Now, I'm told, the hard work begins...


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