The Arrow of Apollo

By Philip Womack

An epic children's adventure set in the legendary past: three friends must find the magical Arrow of Apollo before evil consumes the world

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

The Arrow of Apollo: 70 % of the way to its target

Dear All,

I've been quiet on this project for a month or two, but I'm delighted to see that THE ARROW OF APOLLO has now reached 72 % of its funding target.

This is a very important moment, as I have heard a rumour that all Unbound books which reach 70 % have a very high chance of becomming funded. 

Having already raised a considerable sum, there is now a relatively small stretch to go. I hope to be back on the crowdfunding trail in the next couple of weeks or so.

In the meantime, I would as ever be very grateful if you knew any schools that might be interested.

Now, this has been quite a boring update, as updates go, so here's a Fun Fact: When Aeneas and his men landed in Italy after their many travails at sea, they sat down and had a meal. According to Virgil (in Dryden's translation):

Aeneas and his chiefs,
with fair Iulus, under spreading boughs
of one great tree made resting-place, and set
the banquet on. Thin loaves of altar-bread
along the sward to bear their meats were laid
(such was the will of Jove), and wilding fruits
rose heaping high, with Ceres' gift below.
Soon, all things else devoured, their hunger turned
to taste the scanty bread, which they attacked
with tooth and nail audacious, and consumed
both round and square of that predestined leaven.
“Look, how we eat our tables even!” cried
Iulus, in a jest.

They basically ate the first vegetarian pizza. Who says they don't come from Italy?

Best wishes,

Philip Womack

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