The Arrow of Apollo

By Philip Womack

An epic children's adventure set in the legendary past: three friends must find the magical Arrow of Apollo before evil consumes the world

Monday, 9 April 2018

A Sisyphean Task

Dear All,

I hope you have enjoyed a wonderful Easter: perhaps you are still enjoying the holidays.

The Arrow of Apollo has now reached 67 % of its funding target.

I will be writing about the characters in the book, weekly, here on my website. First up is Aeneas, the prince who escaped Troy and founded Rome; second is his wife Lavinia. When finished, the edited mini-bios will be part of a selection of resources available to teachers.

Crowdfunding so far has been about as easy as rolling a boulder up a hill, if your name is Sisyphus. The next 34 %, I confidently predict, will be of a similar level to one of Hercules's easier labours - the Augean stables, perhaps? My stated aim is to fund the book completely within the next 3 months.

That means I would be very grateful for any assistance you might be able to give in terms of spreading the word. Do you know any classicists, quondam or current? Are you involved with a school? There are discount codes available for classics teachers.

We have added two new pledge levels to the book: I will translate a motto into Latin for you or your school (if you don't already have one, of course; or maybe you've always fancied a new one...). Do pass them on to anyone if you think they might be tickled by it.

On that note: per ardua ad astra.




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