The Almanac: A Seasonal Guide to 2018

By Lia Leendertz

A guide to help you reconnect with the seasons, through gardening, eating seasonally, moon gazing, foraging, celebrating feast days and picking bunches of seasonal flowers

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

The New Almanac Gardening Clubs

Join one of my gardening clubs!

Among the rewards on offer as part of my crowdfunder are two brilliant gardening clubs in conjunction with excellent nurseries Otter Farm and Higgledy Garden. You see, a section in each month of the almanac will be a guide to when and how to do things in the garden, and I thought: why don’t we just start that now? So we will with bells on. Join one of my gardening clubs and we will kick off by sending you at least £40 worth of the choicest seed varieties at the beginning of the season. The ‘Edible’ gardening club seeds will be from Otter Farm and the ‘Cut Flower’ from Higgledy Garden. Each selection contains my own favourite varieties, carefully chosen to see you through the year in flowers or delicious homegrown delicacies. Your seeds will include some growing instructions to get you started and then in the following summer, autumn and winter I will send you recipes and ideas on how to use the flowers and produce you have grown. And in addition to all of this you will of course receive a first edition of the almanac. Join the club and help make this book come to life.

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Deborah Vass
 Deborah Vass says:

I pledged last night when I saw your tweet. I love your columns, especially in Simple Things - good luck!

posted 14th September 2016

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